Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm an artist... in my own mind....

Okay... so I'm not a "real" artist. It's not like I am toiling away to create something every day. Nor do I rely on my art to make a living. And believe me, there is some art out there that I just don't get. I know art is in the eye of the beholder but, sometimes I look at art pieces and think I must need glasses. I don't always see it.

I'm not sure how my art would be catergorized. I assume it would be considered more commercial. Something that's geared more towards the masses. Whatever it is... it makes me happy.

Well, most of the time anyway. As I have mentioned before, I am my own worst critic. So I tend to pick apart my work pretty harshly. I often throw away projects because I just don't feel like it's working. But in general the act of creating an art project feeds my soul and lifts my spirits in a way few things do. It helps me escape the negative and even helps me when I need to work through something.

So, I may be the only one who ever really enjoys the art I create. But, that's okay. It makes me happy. And we all need something that makes us happy.

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