Thursday, March 20, 2014

He is my better half.

This is my husband. This picture sums up his personality perfectly. He IS my "better half".

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms defines "better half" as follows:

better half

1. Also, better part. The larger amount or majority of something.

Some people don't like the term better half. Some people believe it belittles a partners position in a relationship. I don't look at it that way. I use the term "better half" as a tribute to my husband.

I truly believe that my husband is my other half and my better half. My husband pushes me to be a better person. He is my very own personal cheerleader. He is also my kindest critic. I would not and could not be the person I want to be, if he wasn't here to support me.

Being the partner of someone who has Bipolar disorder is not easy. Life can be chaotic. The day to day can be so inconsistent.

My husband rides that Bipolar roller coaster ride alongside me. And he handles it much better then I do. Sometimes he is better at it then others. But, overall he is the positive driving force that keeps me going.

Even more amazing then that... He. Loves. Me. No. Matter. What.

He loves me when I am so depressed that I can barely function. He loves me when I am wound up and antsy and hard to deal with. He listens to my anxieties and tries to understand. He does his best and his best is more then I can ask for.

So yes, my husband is definitely my better half. Because he is there to support me. He holds me up when I feel ready to fall. He keeps me centered and makes me feel loved.

I can't imagine living my life without him. Because he IS half of me... My Better Half.